I was skeptical at first. I’ve tried doing things myself to no avail. I HIGHLY recommend Renee if you need help getting your house together. I have ADHD and have always struggled finding stuff and maintaining any sort of organization I have done before, especially when my medication wears off. Renee is familiar with organizing a space for someone with ADHD in a way to make everything easy to find and making it easy to maintain for someone like me. I am a hoarder of bathroom product. I don’t want to be wasteful, especially if it’s something that is still good or was expensive. Renee was able to help me realize what could be thrown out, what could be donated, and what she could list on a free site for others to get some use out of. This relieved SO MUCH STRESS not having to handle most of that. She bought all the containers for my space which is another stress reliever because I’ve tried doing it myself before and was not able to maintain it. So far I’ve been able to maintain it and not be horrendously embarrassed to have anyone go in my bathroom, let alone look under the sink. I’m too embarrassed to even post a before picture, but let me tell you it hit me when Renee said “No one should live like this,” and she was right. I plan on having her help me with every room in my house and finally get control of something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. If you are open to living a much better decluttered life, contact her ASAP. You can have her when I’m done 🙂 Just kidding I’m sure she has availability for you as well.