I was spurred to finally reach out to a professional organizer by panic, really. I was going on vacation and my usual cat sitters were going to be unavailable. The thought of having to hire someone off of Rover or some such app, a stranger, and letting them into my house as the giant mess it was sent me into a bit of a tailspin. I searched for organizers near me and saw one hit that included “ADHD” in their service description – Organizing by Renee – which immediately drew me in, as someone with adult-diagnosed ADHD. I sent off the “request consult” form on Renee’s website and crossed my fingers.

A few days later, I received an enthusiastic text to set up a consultation call. By this point, I had figured out my cat-sitting situationĀ but knew I needed to do this for ME. Renee was so easy to talk to and incredibly nonjudgmental. She made me feel safe asking for help and like I could really tackle this thing that has caused me stress for so long. She even gave me some really great tips on the phone prior to setting up our first dates.

I was super nervous to have Renee over the first time, as I usually don’t let anyone but a select handful of humans who understand that I’m a mess into my home. She was super casual and warm and immediately put me at ease when she showed up, however. We sat down and talked about my goals, habits, and how we were going to tackle the current mess. We took things one step at a time, which kept my anxiety under control and kept me moving forward. I appreciated that Renee took things at my speed, verbally checked in, and made sure I helped make decisions about how to organize things based on what would work for my brain. It felt like I was working alongside a combo friend/therapist. We not only got things done, but we had a good time doing it!

I have never been so happy with how my home looks, and so confident that I can maintain it. I know Renee supports me and is there if I have questions or need further support. I can’t thank Renee enough, or recommend her services more highly to anyone looking for organizational help. I feel like a functional adult for the first time in my life and I am so, so happy.