Renee Frampton


I’ve always been a fairly organized person but my space was always “lived in”. I always felt scattered and unorganized, I ran late a lot and found myself hiding things behind shower curtains (like dirty laundry) when someone announced that THEY WERE COMING OVER. It was until I was diagnosed with ADD that I realized I had a problem. It was hard for me to focus. Then I lost my best friend, my mother tragically and I hit rock bottom into a deep depression with anxiety. I was frozen. With everything. Then I had my miracle baby and things HAD to change. I couldn’t NOT be organized with a baby and all the stuff they come with. The more organized and simplified I made myself become the better my depression and anxiety became. I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping others who feel similar. Stuck. It’s ok to ask for help. But I know how hard it is! We are so busy these days with errands and work and activities and lots of us live far from family and have no support system (I didn’t). BUT WE CAN’T BE EXPECTED TO DO IT ALL! I had NO idea what having a simplified home environment and SYSTEMS in place would do to change everything in my life including my mental health but it has. Let me show you how. And we MIGHT EVEN HAVE FUN DOING IT!

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