Renee came to help me in one of my greatest times of need! I was a struggling single Mom who also suffered from undiagnosed depression and general anxiety disorder at the time. I lacked the drive and the ability to keep up with housework etc while also working full-time and raising a child by myself. We ended up in a total “heading into Hoarders” kind of state with also a very messy home! Renee to the rescue! Renee is excellent at not only helping to calm you and getting you to focus on what needs to be done but also where and how to start all in a very nonjudgmental way! She is awesome at organizing and also decorating and I’m not sure what I would have done without her at that point in my life. Now I don’t live near her and wish I did so I could get an “annual check up” with those things so-to-speak!
Thank you SO much Renee!