My experience with Organizing by Renee was amazing! I am married with 4 beautiful daughters, work full time, and we are never home! From traveling for work, pleasure, and lake house on weekends, I do not have the time to declutter and organize my home!  Even when I have time to spare, who wants to clean!?! Not me!  More importantly, I just don’t know even “how to organize!”  I have never even bought a clear bin before!  In my home my priorities are clean laundry, dishes, and organized piles wherever they maybe!  So, I called for help.  I was referred to Renee by a friend who used her to box up her entire home and set up everything in her new home! She said it was worth every penny! I had Renee start with my pantry for the first project! Boy does it still look amazing even after MONTHS later. Then she came back to do my entire 3 car garage… yes, I can breathe clearly now with those two areas. Next, I had Brenda come and clean out my entire “holiday” closet that also had a ton of memory stuff in it. It looks beautiful; you are actually able to dance in there! We now have a plan to attack the rest of the areas ie. Kitchen drawers/junk drawers! I would recommend Renee and her team to anyone!  I cannot wait to see the results after the next projects are complete!