After a fire in our home and extensive smoke damage, we called Organizing by Renee. Renee was professional, calm, assured, offered many references for similar situations, and had a large enough trained staff to begin immediately.

Renee and her amazing staff

  • Unpacked and recycled more than 400 boxes
  • Made good use of what we had left and recommended high quality and moderately priced replacements for everything we lost from hangers to shelving to furniture
  • Recommended and engaged excellent local services– handyman, electrician, major appliances, etc.
  • Took care of donating what was usable but no longer needed to local charities
  • Provided detailed daily written recaps of what was accomplished
  • Successfully combined two households and dealt with three of us each paying part of the cost. Imagine that!

Did all this with great care for us – and for each other. I think of them as a ‘ministry

The well-trained staff were professional, competent, hard-working, trauma-ready, incredibly organized– like a precision drill team…we were very well taken care of!

I thought I would have to be there, directing what goes where etc. but no! They were always more than a step ahead of me – and with better ideas. A real eye-opener for someone who thinks highly of herself as a really well-organized person!