Renee was a blessing! We were behind on packing for our move. Renee responded promptly to my request for help with packing, and asked all the important questions. I hired her, and oh boy, am I glad I did! Renee is prompt, professional, and very efficient in everything she does. She dove right in! I worked with her, so she taught me some great packing methods. Renee worked about five times faster than I did, because she’s the pro. I was a little nervous about packing our fragile items, so Renee packed them with TLC. We got the job done, with time to spare. What a relief! Renee also gave me valuable information about things to do on moving day. The move went smoothly, thanks in part to Renee. “Organizing By Renee” is the perfect name for her business. Renee is organized, professional, and personable. I will be hiring her again for organizing and decorating in our new home.