A friend sent me Renee’s post about anxiety over your house feeling in a state of unorganization and it creating anxiety. This was me to a T! A clean, organized house takes so much stress and anxiety away, but I never felt I could get to the WHOLE house. I have three young kids and can only get so much done at a time, and it never felt like enough.
The first day Renee came in, I showed her around and she explained what we would be doing. I was nervous. Once we got started I was amazed at what we got done. It felt so good to have the basement organized and cleaned up. She came for a few days and we worked room by room and I felt very comfortable with her. There was no guilt if it was something I wanted to keep. I was able to purge out clothes and other items in the house that I really did not need.
She helped me get storage solutions and gave me advice on how to keep up with everything. She gave me options for what I thought would work best for me and my kids. It was nice to be able to pick what I thought would be best.
This is hands down one of the best things I have ever done! I feel like this is something I can keep up and not be overwhelmed. She has checked in with me and I have also sent her my accomplishments and been met with positive feedback.
If you are questioning if this is for you, then I say yes! If you are looking to feel like your house has an organizational system that reduces stress and anxiety and also work for your family, talk to Renee.

Jen Serviss