Renee helped organize and decorate the new home that I moved into a few months ago. My closet was beyond help and she organized from top to bottom and made it look great (and sustainable!) This closet was a total disaster, it’s a classic Chicago closet in that it’s on the smaller side and has weird shelving. Renee made it into something workable and somehow fit my tons of stuff inside. She has a great creative and critical eye. She also helped me let go of things that I no longer need (I’m a bit of a hoarder!) and she helped me move stuff into my storage unit that didn’t need to be in my apartment year-round. She also shopped for things I needed in my home and even put together a shelving unit for my pantry. She organized my entire kitchen in a matter of hours. My place now feels so organized and there is a wonderful flow. I will be using her in the near future for a wide array of home projects.