I hired Renee to help me organize my garage and she was incredibly helpful! As a busy family of 6, our garage had turned into a dumping ground for all sorts of things. We were starting to spill out of it, and there was no way we were getting cars in there. When I contact Renee about it, she took time to walk through our entire home, consult with me about ideas I could use for different rooms, provided tips for getting the kids to help out more, and helped me develop a plan for tackling the garage. I was very overwhelmed by the mere thought of cleaning and organizing the garage, but Renee was patient and reassuring. She recommended items, helped me purchase them, and assured me that she would take charge of returning them if needed (that’s a big deal for me). She laid out the steps I needed to take in order to prep and follow through with the project, and then she spent the day helping me empty the garage entirely, clean and wash it out, reorganize shelving, categorize and store items, and drill in a hanging storage system (another great recommendation from her) for yardwork tools. Throughout the process, Renee was supportive, encouraging, and worked at my level. I have a system in the garage now, and not only is it clean and functional, but it’s staying clean because my kids know where things go. I highly recommend Renee to help declutter and organize your home… thanks to her, we’ll get to put a car or two in the garage this winter!