Renee was great to work with. I appreciated the fact that she was flexible with the days & hours, and stayed late to help me finish on a Friday night. I am a busy mom of 2 girls, 2 dogs, a wife, and I teach middle school. I struggle to keep up with cleaning, organization, laundry and so on. I was starting to feel major anxiety because I had so much “stuff” surrounding me. Our basement was full of bins and random items, the bedrooms were super unorganized, and the kitchen and dining room just had way to much “stuff” taking up space. When Renee came she was very understanding and patient. She didn’t “force” me to throw items away (although I did get rid of a ton of stuff, donated and garbage) She was not judgmental and didn’t make me feel embarrassed for the current state of my unorganized home. She helped me create a “livable home”, which alleviated a ton of my anxiety. I was able to get my kids on board with the system Renee and I came up with so they are able to help keep the house organized as well. I waited way too long to do this. No, it is not cheap, but Renee works so hard, and is well worth the money in the end.