I initially reached out to Renee in November because I was so overwhelmed with my house. I have never been an organized person and my kitchen, living room, garage, and closets were cluttered. I was unhappy, but also overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Renee and I first messaged a bit and I panicked and didn’t choose to move forward until this past February. I reached out again and finally spoke to Renee on the phone. I was desperate because my boyfriend was moving in and I felt like I had clutter everywhere and I didn’t know where to begin with decluttering and making room for another person.

She was non-judgmental and she listened to me explain to her my situation. I was embarrassed I had let my house get bad, but I felt comfortable discussing the current state of my house and what I wanted done. She had me take pictures and gave me a quote to come by for a day with her associate.

The price was extremely reasonable for two people. Renee and her associate, Jessica, arrived right on time. We went through the house and got to work. I was floored at how much we got done in one day. We started with my front room. We went through the boxes and clutter and the item was either thrown out, placed for donation, or put in the room where it belonged (kitchen, office etc). Then we went to the kitchen and did the same thing including putting away the items we brought in from the first room. So on and so forth.

What I liked was that Renee was not pushy, but helped me evaluate what I needed to keep, such as, whether I really needed 10 wooden spoons in my kitchen. It was extremely helpful – I never felt pressured to get rid of something I wanted to keep. As we went through things, it was clear Renee has an eye for organization. She was able to get a system for my pots and pans which worked for me. She asks questions and pays attention.

After the first day, I felt really good! She gave me some projects to do and kept me accountable. She also did some shopping for organization items for my kitchen and bathroom. She made sure to tailor these to what my needs were and gave me some links and then brought some stuff over for my second session.

I am writing this from a clean, organized house where I can take a sigh of relief. I’m utilizing some of the tips Renee gave me to help keep things in order. Even for someone messy like me, it has been so helpful. I feel accomplished and so grateful I found Renee. She gave me the tools to keep things together and I look forward to her help in organizing future houses! She is worth every penny (and the cost is very reasonable!) If you are considering these services, I say absolutely do it! You will feel so much better and there is a great team in your corner to help you!